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  • How can I pay my Duke Energy Bill in person?

  • You can pay your Duke Energy bill in person at one of our preferred payment locations. You will need to have your Duke Energy account number available when paying in person. Enter your address to find a location.

  • Does doxo process Duke Energy Payments?

  • doxo processes payments for all Duke Energy services, including Electric and Gas. Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying Duke Energy bills. How can I pay my Duke Energy bill?

  • How many customers does Duke Energy have in the US?

  • It also distributes natural gas to more than 1.5 million customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee 鈥?as well as North and South Carolina. Duke Energy began in 1900 as the Catawba Power Company, before it became Duke Energy in 1924.

  • How do I enroll in Duke Energy email and text messages?

  • For email, you will automatically be enrolled using the email account associated with your eligible Duke Energy account. For text messages, you can select the phone number of your choice. Keep in mind that text messages can be sent to mobile phones only. What if I didn鈥檛 receive a payment confirmation message?

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