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  • What are the side effects of energy drinks?

  • What are some side effects of energy drinks? While energy drinks may benefit exercise and sport performance, various side effects are also possible, such as (3): Cardiovascular side effects: Increased heart rate, blood pressure, arrythmia, and heart disease, including heart attacks (3).

  • Do energy drinks affect drug tests?

  • A while back, there was a claim that energy drinks affect drug tests. The claim was that these drinks had tested positive for illicit and prescriptive drugs. And the tests conducted involved substance and urine tests. The energy drinks in question were Red Bull and Bang, and this caused quite a reaction in online communities.

  • Why do people drink energy drinks when they take prescription drugs?

  • People take prescription drugs for pain. The pain goes away, and they continue to take them. Eventually, they become tolerant, which means they need higher dosages. Higher dosages of opioids make you sleepy, which leads them to reach for energy drinks.

  • Can energy drinks make you go to the ER?

  • But about 27% of these ER visits involve the combination of energy drinks and opioids or other prescription painkillers, as well as nervous system stimulants like Ritalin. Another 16% of energy drink-related ER visits involve alcohol, and 10% involve illicit drugs.

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