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  • How can energy be created and destroyed?

  • As we know through thermodynamics, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply changes states. The total amount of energy in an isolated system does not, cannot, change. And thanks to Einstein, we also know that matter and energy are two rungs on the same ladder. The universe as a whole is closed.

  • Is it possible to create energy from nothing?

  • Yes, energy can be created from nowhere for a short amount of time cause of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. The particle that are created are called virtual particles and are always created in pair because of conservation laws (charge, …). Energy conservation can be violated for short times and this happens all the time.

  • What happens to energy when we die?

  • We can gain energy (again, through chemical processes), and we can lose it (by expelling waste or emitting heat). In death, the collection of atoms of which you are composed (a universe within the universe) are repurposed. Those atoms and that energy, which originated during the Big Bang, will always be around.

  • Can energy be created/destroyed in quantum physics?

  • Can energy be created/destroyed in quantum physics (I need experts)? According to quantum physics energy only exists in small pockets of energy called quantum-or something like that,I personally don’t know qunatum physics,that’s why I need an expert.

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