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  • Is Duke Energy still disconnecting customers in Central Florida?

  • Duke Energy, the second largest power provider in the Florida and the largest in Central Florida, is to resume disconnections. (Duke Energy)

  • What can Duke Energy do for You?

  • Protect your home and your peace of mind. We can help with everything from setting up your home services to protection plans and warranties. Duke Energy Carolinas (DEC) offers optional, market-based products and services that are separate from the regulated services provided by DEC.

  • When does the Duke Energy voluntary disconnection moratorium end?

  • Duke Energy’s voluntary disconnection moratorium for vulnerable families was scheduled to expire on Oct. 1, but the company announced another extension Thursday. This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630)

  • Does Duke Energy have EnergyWise home on weekends?

  • Also, for your convenience, EnergyWise Home will not be activated on weekends or holidays, except in the event of a system emergency. Additionally, you may choose up to two days per summer season to override EnergyWise air conditioning events. If Duke Energy Progress reduces energy used by my water heater, will I run out of hot water?

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