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  • Can you drink energy drinks with caffeine if you are diabetic?

  • Drinking sugar-free energy drinks with caffeine in moderation might actually help keep your blood sugar levels steady as they provide an energy boost without causing a spike in blood sugar levels like regular energy drinks do. Is caffeine safe for a diabetic?

  • Are energy drinks bad for your blood sugar?

  • They don’t cause blood sugar spikes but might be harmful to your body. The issue is that most sugar-free energy drinks contain artificial sweeteners, which are not always that healthy. However, energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy contain sugar in the form of high fructose, corn syrup, or sucrose.

  • Can diabetics drink sugar-free drinks?

  • Diabetics can drink sugar-free diet drinks, sugar-free sodas, sugar-free coffee, sugar-free tea, sugar-free hot cocoa, coconut milk, coconut water, and sugar-free energy drinks. But above all, the best drink is plain water. During the summer times, you can always use mint, lime, or adding aloe vera pulp to your water to give it more taste.

  • What should I know about energy drinks before drinking?

  • Avoid energy drinks with more than 200 mg of caffeine per serving. Check your blood sugar after drinking an energy drink; some people with diabetes find that the caffeine can affect blood sugar levels. Talk with your health care provider about drinking energy drinks if you have heart rhythm issues or high blood pressure.

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