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  • How much energy does a revolving door save?

  • Using the revolving door would save about 1.5 percent of the total energy required to heat and cool the entire building, and about 74 percent of the total energy required to heat and cool the air exchanged when people pass in and out of the building. ( Return to the corrected sentence.)

  • What are the benefits of energy efficient doors?

  • Energy efficient doors also prevent unwanted heat exchange and air and temperature leaks, so the energy used to heat and cool your home isn鈥檛 wasted. The most energy efficient doors act as a seal between the outside temperature and the internal temperature of your home, which saves you money.

  • Do we really need revolving doors in buildings?

  • Of course, buildings need to provide options besides revolving doors for people in wheelchairs, parents with strollers, or anyone carrying an unwieldy load. But if you can help it, it makes sense to forget holding the door open for someone and take them for a spin instead.

  • What is the history of revolving doors?

  • Revolving doors have been manufactured for over a century. Theophilus Van Kannel was granted U.S. patent 387,571 on August 7, 1888 for a 鈥淪torm-door Structure鈥?that was a three-partition revolving door. Since then, their general benefits have remained the same鈥攃reating comfort, saving energy, improving traffic flow, and enhancing security.

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