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  • Can Monster Energy Drinks kill you?

  • From the WebMD Archives Oct. 23, 2012 — The FDA is investigating reports of five deaths and a nonfatal heart attack in people who drank high- caffeine energy drinks made by the Monster Energy Company. Meanwhile, a Maryland couple has filed a wrongful death suit against the company, alleging that their product killed their 14-year-old daughter.

  • How much caffeine is in Monster Energy Drinks?

  • The lawsuit notes that Monster Energy does not list the amount of caffeine in Monster Energy. It estimates that each of the two cans the girl drank contained 240 mg of caffeine. Recommended teen and child doses of caffeine should not exceed 100 mg per day; adults should have no more than 400 mg per day.

  • What is the lawsuit against Monster Energy Drink?

  • The lawsuit claims Monster Energy is a dangerous product, that its maker failed to warn consumers of any risk, and that the company is negligent in marketing the product to teens and young adults. In a news release, Monster Beverage Corp. states that it stands by the safety of its products.

  • Is caffeine in energy drinks a drug?

  • Recently, energy drinks/products have enjoyed increased popularity. Although commonly viewed as beverages or food products by consumers, the primary ingredient, caffeine, is considered both a food additive and a drug by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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