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  • Are front loaders more efficient than top loaders?

  • Studies conducted by Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports show that front loaders are much more efficient than top loaders when it comes to water and energy use.

  • Why are front load washers more energy efficient?

  • The reason for better efficiency is because front loaders only partially fill with water during each cycle as opposed to top loaders, which add enough water to cover the clothes entirely. The amount of water used directly impacts the water efficiency of each washer.

  • What is the difference between front load and top load washing?

  • Front-loaders are more energy efficient than top loaders, in part because front loaders take advantage of gravity for their wash action, rather than using an agitator or impeller. They also use less water, which means less mass to move about, so the motors don’t have to work as hard.

  • How does a top loader work?

  • If cleaning effectiveness is your main objective, the answer is easy; if not, read on. Top-loaders work by filling the drum with water (and detergent) and then agitating the clothes in a twisting motion. There needs to be enough water in the drum to fully immerse all the material.

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