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While shields may be inconceivable as a bubble of energy, they may exist in the form of plasma. In light of this argument, deflector shields may be a Science Fact, although that does not mean it is100% possible. Like any other form of technology, there are limitations to its use.

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  • How to protect yourself from energy shielding?

  • Protect yourself before entering a bus, train or shopping mall. Extra tip #4: You can also create your own protection shields using essential oils. In fact, if you need to apply energy shields regularly and for convenience purposes, consider creating aura protection with essential oils.

  • Can an energy shield be used without contact?

  • What could do that without contact is electromagnetism or gravity. That is, an energy shield is electromagnetic, with no other reasonable choice. With contact, you can still avoid walls by spraying small particles out.

  • Is it possible to shield your body from electromagnetic radiation?

  • It is possible to shield very well against some types of electromagnetic radiation. For example, putting a cell phone inside a Faraday bag will block enough radio waves from reaching the cell phone that it can not receive incoming calls. It is not possible to shield something against everything.

  • Do deflector shields work in the Star Wars universe?

  • In the Star Wars universe, firing up the deflector shields is no big deal. Imperial cruiser on your tail? Deflector shields. Incoming TIE Fighter? Better flip on the deflectors. Science fiction has the luxury of positing neat technological ideas without necessarily explaining how they work 鈥?if they could even work.

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