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  • What is an energy audit and do I need one?

  • An energy audit is an assessment of your home that takes a look at current energy consumption and then identifies energy efficiency measures that you can conduct to make your home more efficient. An energy auditor can assess where a home is losing the most energy, and then propose improvements to make…

  • What are the benefits of a home energy audit?

  • The benefits include saving money on energy costs, reducing environmental impact, improving comfort levels in the home with better insulation or air conditioning systems, and they are fast and free. It鈥檚 time for you to take control of your family鈥檚 energy efficiency needs. What Happens During a Home Energy Audit?

  • When is the best time to get an energy audit?

  • If you鈥檙e spending a lot on your energy bills, any time is the right time to get an energy audit. The sooner you make updates to your home to make it more energy efficient, the sooner you鈥檒l start saving money. That being said, you might want to keep in mind seasonality.

  • What are the benefits of a home energy assessment?

  • Home energy assessments can help you save money and reduce energy costs. Your energy analyst will find ways to improve efficiency, such as approved insulation improvements, air sealing, or updating your heating system. It鈥檚 more costly to heat or cool a home that is not energy-efficient.

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