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  • Do light dimmers save energy?

  • Not only do modern light dimmers save you energy, but they also extend the life of your light bulbs! Dimmers use a 鈥淭riac Switch鈥?to rapidly turn a light circuit on and off to reduce the energy flowing to a light bulb.

  • What are the benefits of installing a dimmer switch?

  • Because dimmer switches reduce energy use, installing a dimmer switch can help homeowners save money. The less electricity you use to power your lights, the lower your monthly utility bills will be.

  • Do LED light bulbs work with dimmer light fixtures?

  • Newer bulbs like Halogen, CFLs, and LEDs are great at conserving energy and last significantly longer than traditional light bulbs, but they don鈥檛 always work with older light fixtures. This is especially evident if you have ever tried to replace an incandescent light bulb connected to a dimmer with a newer type of bulb.

  • How much heat does a dimmer produce?

  • During normal operation, dimmers get warm to the touch. Wallbox dimmer efficiency is typically around 99%. The other 1% is dissipated in the dimmer as heat. So, a 600 W load on a 600 W dimmer would produce around 6 watts of heat. This is approximately the heat generated from a small nightlight.

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