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  • Can dark matter form black holes?

  • But dark matter has a big problem if we want it to form black holes. Normal matter can form these dense collections of objects for one reason: it can collide with other particles of normal matter, and those collisions can dissipate energy.

  • Is there dark energy in the crust of the Earth?

  • The region containing Dark Energy (green) is slightly larger than a black hole of the same mass. The properties of any crust (purple), if present, depend on the particular GEODE model. (Photo credit: EHT collaboration; NASA / CXC /Villanova University)

  • Where does light come from a black hole?

  • This is the only form of light that comes from a black hole, and it鈥檚 far beyond our ability to detect. As far as we can observe them, black holes are both completely black and also completely dark. light of any type is from Hawking radiation: quantum effects that arise due to the curvature of space near a black hole’s event horizon.

  • What causes a black hole to form?

  • and a dense collection of matter, either in the form of gas or a star, can directly collapse, leading to a black hole. There are other mechanisms that are possible in theory as well 鈥?such as accretion onto a stellar remnant 鈥?that could create a black hole, but simply haven鈥檛 been observed.

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