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  • What is an electric vehicle?

  • Electric vehicle. Electric vehicles (EV) are vehicles that use electric motors as a source of propulsion. EVs utilize an onboard electricity storage system as a source of energy and have zero tailpipe emissions. Modern EVs have an efficiency of 59-62% converting electrical energy from the storage system to the wheels.

  • What are the best sources of energy consumption information for cars?

  • Networked or smart-EVSE units are another good source of energy consumption information. These units frequently have online dashboards, similar to telematics, that capture energy consumption by vehicle. These dashboards are often accessible through smart phone applications as well.

  • What are the different types of energy storage systems?

  • Electric vehicles can have three different types of on-board energy storage systems: Electrochemical energy: Energy can be stored thanks to chemical properties. Chemicals are stored, and the reaction of these chemicals produces electricity. These electric charges can be passed through a circuit in order to produce an electrical current.

  • How far can an electric car go on a full charge?

  • After most of the energy in the battery is depleted, the vehicle can operate in hybrid mode for longer distances, running off gasoline and using a small portion of the battery to support the electric drivetrain, for a full vehicle range of 450 to 550 miles.

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